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On 5 August 2009, I joined the firefighters for 120 minutes in their attempt to put off the fire nearby Sentosa and Bukit Lima areas.

The effort seemed almost futile when the fire met with strong wind and dry wood. They were just like passionate lovers, their fire burned endlessly. Nonetheless, the firefighters managed to prevent the fire from causing damage to the electric poles, water pipes and general public’s property. I felt sorry for the monkeys, the squirrel, the birds and all animals for losing their homes to the fire.

This is the most unproductive time of the year. Due to the haze, all outdoor activities are restricted and public’s health turned fragile. I wonder why people never learn the lesson. The same mistake repeats annually.

The first area I visited was Emerald Park, a housing area near Bukit Lima. Firefighters were trying hard to put off  the fire beside a construction site. They succeeded because there is a big pool of water beside the construction area.

Peat Fire Sibu

Peat Fire Sibu (1)

Peat Fire Sibu (2)

Peat Fire Sibu (3)A hot dog. I found that it dipped itself inside the drain to cool down itself!

Peat Fire Sibu (4)

Peat Fire Sibu (6)Firefighters working hard to prevent the fire from reaching the construction site.

Peat Fire Sibu (5)

Peat Fire Sibu (7)

Peat Fire Sibu (10)A nearby housing area

Peat Fire Sibu (9)An untimely harvest

Peat Fire Sibu (11)With the wind’s presence, the wood and fire were just like passionate lovers.

Peat Fire Sibu (12)

Peat Fire Sibu (13)

Peat Fire Sibu (8)

Peat Fire Sibu (15)

Peat Fire Sibu (14)The thick smoke cast a dark shadow over the sky.

Peat Fire Sibu (16)The construction site is lucky to have the big water pool nearby.

Peat Fire Sibu (17)

Next I joined the firefighters at Sentosa. I learned that the firefighters had just put off a fire inside the Bukit Lima Forest Park on that morning.

When I was there, they were busy putting off the fire outside the park. They managed to put the fire under control. Nonetheless the fire is still burning. I believe that the fire will only rest in peace after a heavy and torrential rain.

Sibu (10)Peat fire. The most devilish kind of fire.

Sibu (9)

Sibu (8)

Open burning (9)My favourite jogging spot. One of my friend was more concerned about the monkeys and squirrels inside the park when I told her the park’s vicinity was on fire. Nonetheless I told her that God will take care of them. I do believe they will be safe.

Open burning (12)Bukit Lima Forest Park.

Open burning (8)

Open burning (6)

Open burning (5)

Open burning (10)The firefighters’ presence drew crowd from the nearby housing area.

Open burning

Open burning (11)

Open burning (13)Twilight. The fire is not going to give up until the last tree is burnt.

Open burning (15)So do the firefighters. They are not going to give up until the residential area and public property is safe from the fire.

Open burning (14)

Open burning (4)When I left, the war was still on going. Between the firefighters and the fire, I did not know who won the war,  but I knew that the public was one of the losers.

Open burning triggers a series of detrimental chain reaction to the people and environment all over the world. From haze to health hazards, damage to the public properties, climate change, acid rain, reduced photosynthesis and finally food crisis, everyone is a loser in the long run.

Let us hope the irresponsible people will eventually learnt about the consequences of their act and stop repeating the same mistake in the future. The government should tighten the enforcement meanwhile the public, especially the grown up children of the traditional farmers, are to advise their parents against open burning for shift agriculture.

Let us make this world a better place to live in. Think before you burn!


The whole town is having BCF fever. What is N1H1? What is economy crisis? No, these things didn’t happen in Sibu. Sibu is totally in a different world now.

Borneo cultural festival (13)

Borneo cultural festival (33)For more photos please visit

A colourful wedding in Sibu.

Sibu wedding

Congratulations to Albert Ting.

For more photos and updates, please log on to

July is just around the corner and Borneo Cultural Festival is once again coming to town. To warm out the event, a colouring, drawing and essay writing competition were held by the organizer and sponsors.


For more photos please visit During and after Borneo Cultural Festival, do expect this site will be overwhelmed by BCF photos – simply because Raphael Koh Photography is assigned to cover the event!

Wedding Photographer

I am honoured to be part of this jovial and beautiful solemnization ceremony.  Check out for more photos at

Just a day before I left for Kuching, a classmate of mine held his wedding in Sibu. The bride is pretty, and of course, my friend, as usual, is handsome.  Glad to be able to be part of their wedding.

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It is my new personal space which promises you with faster browser loading, more photos and more fun.

I will still keep this good old space though. Sweet memories, I must say.

See you there!

Yeah, after 2 more hours it will be my birthday. Wonder what should I give to myself.

I went for laksa hunting today. Partly because I’m born to love laksa. Partly to celebrate Agong’s birthday

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to Agong


Haha, I just like his birthday, coz without his birthday there will be no holiday.

No holiday = no free time

No free time = no time for laksa hunting

No time for laksa hunting = I KEEP on THINKING of EATING LAKSA!

Okay, first of all, before you decide which kopitiam to visit in Sibu, you can do some homework @ Suituapui. He knows all the nice food in Sibu. I’m just lucky to have him giving me tips where to hunt for laksa.

I went for Aloha and E-Cafe’s Laksa Special. I must say… one is from Mars and one is from Venus.

This is Laksa Special from Aloha.

Have a closer look…

This is Laksa Special from E-cafe

Look at those yummy little small prawns…

Closer x closer look…

I just love both.

Aloha’s promise you with bigger prawns, and the taste, well, is the taste of laksa which I used to eat when I was in primary school. As I ate it, I walked down the memory lane… LOL!

E Cafe’s have lots of small prawns. A lot of them, until I grew tired of eating them! They use bigger bowl too, thus the quantity is larger. The presentation is more appealing as well.

Everyone have different taste but I prefer E-Cafe’s Laksa Special. The service is faster and plenty of parking space too.

Now I suspect they add opium into the Laksa. Feel like want to ‘experience’ them again tomolo! DUH!

Today is another beautiful and meaningful day. As usual, such moments are always captured down- each and every second of it. Here’s some sneak preview of it.

“Must listen to me, OKAY?”

Let’s have some pillow fight!

Guess who is the winner?